Plastic Molding in China

1. What do you need for Quotation 

 We need 2D part drawing & 3 D drawing, and specific mold & part requirement. Or samples.

2 . What’s your mould lead time 

 Normally mould finished in 4-5 weeks, it depends on the mould structure and Size.

3. What’s your quote time 

 1-2 days.

4. How about the tolerance  

 Mold tolerance is 0.005mm, product tolerance is 0.02mm (affected by shrinkage ratio). 

5. What Steel do you usually use   What standard mold components do you usually use

 P20, S136, NAK80, SKD61, 420SS. The standard components from LKM, HASCO (for export mold), DME (for export mold).  For hot runner systems, we often use YUDO, MOLDMASTER, HUSKY, INCOE.

6. How about your mould payment terms 

 Mould Payment terms: 40%-30%-30% or 50% -25% -25%

7. How about the part payment terms 

 Part payment terms: 30%-70% in most cases.

8. What’s your after sales 

 For any products quality problems, we will replace at our expense. However, we will need to establish a clear quality inspection criteria at the beginning stage of the project.

 We also have an CRM system to keep work history with all customers.

9. What’s design software do you use 

UG, Pro-E, Master cam, Solid works, 3D max, AutoCAD, CAM.

Drawing format( 2D file- dwg, dxf/pdf, jpg), 3 D model format( igs, x_t, prt)